Sustainability Alerta Patch x 4

Sustainability Alerta Patch x 4

Sustainability Club

Includes 4 Disposable Patches

 Be a part of our Sustainability Club and save money on your next order.

With this order, you can become a member of our Sustainability Club! If you opt into this free membership, we will send you a return shipping label that you can use to send back used patches in the original shipping box for proper disposal of battery other electronic components. If you send back the used Patches, we will give you a $15 off on your next purchase of patches. This allows you to help save money and the environment!

  • Returned your used patches. Once we process your return patches we will email you a one time use discount code that will reduce the price 10%
  • A new code will be emailed each month as we receive your patches each month 
  • If you belong to our Alerta Subscription Club, patches shipped automatically every 4 weeks you will receive a $15 credit of the price back to the form of payment on file after return patches are processed
  • Discount code are unique & customer specific Discount code can not be transferred or used by other Club members   

After 7 days the Wedge tells the caregiver to remove the used patch. 
Peel the adhesive covering on the new patch and apply beside where the old patch was to reduce skin irritation.