Alerta Patch (4)
Alerta Patch (4)
Alerta Patch (4)
Alerta Patch (4)

Alerta Patch (4)


You will get (4) 7-day Alerta Patches 

Alerta Patches are the thin, sustainable, waterproof patches that work with your Alerta Wedge to help monitor your loved one! This product contains four (4) Patches, each of which lasts a week. The Patch is worn on the upper back of the individual being monitored.  After 7 days, the Wedge will notify you to replace the Patch with a new one. Follow the instructions included in your Get Started Kit and place the new Patch in an adjacent location to reduce skin irritation. 

Order options:

  1. Subscription for recurring order auto fulfillment. Set up through your account. Subscription can be canceled anytime with no fees. 
  2. Manually reorder every 4 weeks. Once you have 2 patches remaining, place your order for 4 new patches. This will ensure you always have patches for your loved one! To remove the burden of having to remember to order, set up Subscription Auto-Reorder 

We are an environmentally-conscious company. If you return your used patches via the enclosed shipping label, we will give you $15 off on your next purchase of patches.

Purchase of Get Started Kit or Wedge required for patches to work. 

24 Hour Monitoring

Alerta Patch & Wedge work together using radio frequency to help you monitor your loved one.

Audible Alarm

The Wedge has an audible alarm that notifies you if your loved one wanders from a safe zone. The safe zone range is about 75 feet depending on your home.

Change Patch

After 7 days, the Wedge tells you to remove the used patch. Peel the adhesive covering on the new patch and apply beside where the old patch was to reduce skin irritation.

No Wearables (Bracelets & Pendants)

Alerta Patch & Wedge receiver work together using radio frequency to help you monitor your loved one.


Alerta is waterproof and lasts for 7 days of normal activities.

Disposable & Small

Alerta uses a medical grade adhesive and is small and unobtrusive.