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Alerta Find
Alerta Find

Alerta Find

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Alerta Find is a GPS tracking device. The device easily fits in a headrest or under the seat of a car. Alerta Find has a battery life of 18-24 months and no monthly fees.


2 Years Service Included

No Monthly Fees

Free Shipping

"I get a text when mom leaves the house and I know where she goes."

Su-Jin Kim

"I feel much better knowing I will get an email at the office letting me know my daughter arrived safely"

Joseph P.

Safe-T™ Activation

Activate Alerta Find when you’re ready to use it with PassTime’s Safe-T™ Activation process. Pull the tab, press the pin and it is ready to go.

No Installation

Put Alerta Find in the glove box, console or other location within the vehicle with no vehicle installation required.


Small, lightweight, Alerta Find is our most portable device ever.


Wireless--as in No Wires. Alerta Find is self-contained without the need for installation or communication wires.


Alerta Find is self-powered without need for ancillary power from a vehicle, external battery. Alerta Find also includes some of the most advanced lithium battery technology.

Flexible Power Modes

Multiple power modes offer flexibility for you to get the functionality and battery life that fit your need.