Does Alerta track a loved one?

Alerta does not track a loved one. It will tell the Wedge by signal strength indicator if the loved one wearing Alerta is getting closer or farther away when in range.

Can I use my smartphone in place of the Wedge?

No. Alerta uses a different frequency than a smartphone. The Wedge is dedicated to one job and that is to monitor the Alerta Patch. The Wedge never needs to be plugged in at night like a smartphone and the batteries can last for 6 months. Also, if a smartphone was used, it would always need to be within 75’ of the loved one. If the caregiver needs to leave the loved one in the care of another while running an errand, the Wedge can stay in the safe zone.

Can the “Safe Zone” be adjusted?

No, the range is a typical area of 65’ to 80’ from the Wedge. Different homes or environments will change the Safe Zone. Test the Safety Zone when you receive the Get Started Kit to make sure Alerta works for you and your loved one

Why not GPS?

GPS uses too much power to put in a disposable patch. GPS devices need to be charged within hours if not daily.

Will Alerta create skin irritation?

Alerta uses an FDA approved adhesive commonly used on the skin of all ages. It is recommended for 7 days before it needs to be removed but can stay on for up to 10 days. The next Alerta Patch should be applied in a different location adjacent to the one removed.

Can the Alerta Patch get wet? 

The loved one wearing the Alerta Patch can shower or exercise like normal. The soft covering on Alerta is a waterproof foam.

What happens if the Alerta Patch falls off?

We include 2 additional adhesive films in the Get Started Kit. Peel the Adhesive from one side and apply to the Alerta Patch and peel the other side and apply to your loved ones back.

What do I do if my loved one has hair on their back?

We recommend you shave the area as often as necessary to prevent pulling hair when the Alerta Patch is removed.

How do I get the Get Started Kit?

Click on the tab on the website and fill in your name and address. You will also need to provide a credit or debit card. You can also pay with Apple Pay or Pay Pal. You will be billed the following month for 4 additional patches. Cancel at any time.


What if the Alerta System doesn’t work for me and my loved one?

Track Patch 1 Corporation is consumer friendly. If Alerta System does not work for you, we will give you a full refund for any unused patches or for the Get Started Kit if it simply will not work for you.  

What happens when I no longer need Alerta and Wedge?

You can simply cancel at any time. If you would like to help someone who may not be able to afford the Alerta System, send any unused Alerta Patches as well as the Wedge and we will get it to them.

What if I get an Alerta Patch that doesn’t work? 

Use a different Alerta Patch from your 4 pack and let us know. We will express mail a replacement.

What do I do if my Wedge batteries get low? 

We have enclosed an extra battery set in your Get Started Kit. Please let us know when you replace them so we can send you another set


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