What is Alerta

Alerta is a 7-day disposable patch that works with a receiver called the Wedge

Alerta is worn on the back of your loved one. It is waterproof and lasts for 7 days of normal activities.

The Wedge (receiver) alerts you when your loved one wanders from a safe zone (approximately 75 feet) with an audible as well as a bright visual notification.

The Alerta Patch and Wedge (reciever) are portable and work anywhere you and your loved one go.

Why Alerta

So many caregivers live stressful lives both day and night

We have all heard stories of mothers, fathers, children, brothers, and sisters getting lost after wandering. We hope all are found safe. Isn't it better not to lose them?

This is why we developed Alerta

Alerta is a disposable patch intended to assist in the individual monitoring of your loved one living at home; for example, a person with Alzheimer's, dementia, or an Autistic child who may tend to wander (Sundowning). Alerta gives you the peace of mind you need to reclaim simple comforts like taking showers and sleeping, knowing you will be notified if your loved one wanders.


The Alerta Patch is waterproof and lasts for 7 days of normal activity

Radio Technology

The Alerta Patch uses R.F technology to monitor your loved one

Disposable & Small

Alerta uses a medical grade adhesive and is small and unobtrusive

Audible Alarm

The Wedge (receiver) has an audible alarm that notifies you if your loved one wanders day or night from a safe zone

Lasts For Months

The Wedge lasts for months of normal use before the battery needs to be replaced

Fits Anywhere

The Wedge easily fits in a shirt pocket or purse and can rest on a table or nightstand